how do you clear your search history on a mac

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There are two different ways to clear Safari history.

Delete Cookies and Saved Data on the Mac

You can either delete by entry, or by time frame. Step 1: Open Safari. Step 2: In the pop-up window, choose how much of your history you would like to delete. Your options are:.

How to Permanently Delete Safari Browsing History on Mac

Step 2: Your history will appear in list form. Click on an entry to highlight it, or use the Command key to select multiple entries. Google Chrome also features more than one way to remove your web browser history and data, depending on what your goal is.

Step 3: In the pop-up window, choose the time frame of data to delete and what type of data you want to delete. You can remove just your history log, and you can remove cookies and any images or files.

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Step 2: You will be presented with a list of visited web pages. Check the boxes of the entries that you wish to delete. Your selected entries have been removed. Step 1: Open Firefox. If you find yourself frequently clearing your web browser history, you may want to use Private Browsing or Incognito mode instead. Private browsing always opens a new, separate window and anything that happens in that window goes completely unrecorded. Private browsing also has some downsides though.

However, it does offer more privacy than browsing the standard way. If you always want to browse in Private mode, you can change your Safari preferences so that all windows in Safari are set to Private. Tap Clear History and Website Data. Tap Advanced back in the Safari Settings window to clear other stored website data.

Tap Remove All Website Data.

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Alternatively, you can click the Edit link at the top right and then delete individual sites' data by tapping the minus sign next to the site names. Doing this will not only help protect your privacy.

How to Clear History on Google Chrome (MacBook Pro)

It can also clear out precious space on your device. Looking to learn more about your Mac — or buy a new one? Laptop Mag. Delete Cookies and Saved Data on the Mac 1. People with access to your Mac can locate clues about your financial information, social media websites, login information and other personal information. If you decide to store your passwords with your browser, people can also access financial records and download bank statements and access your private accounts.

Even if you delete your browser history, a tech-savvy person may still have the ability to recover deleted files on your computer.

How to Clear Browser History on a Mac: A User Guide

You can remove all of your Internet files permanently by first clearing your Safari browser history and then wiping the free space on your hard drive with the Mac OS X Disk Utility. Click the "History" drop-down menu, select "Clear History Click the "Clear" button to remove your history immediately.

Revisit websites or remove them from your browsing history

This option doesn't remove passwords and other website data that could potentially identify the websites you visited. Click the "History" drop-down menu and select "Show Full History" to delete individual history options. Click on the "History" tab in the sidebar and then select each website you want to clear. Press the "Delete" button on your keyboard to delete the items you selected.

What is search browser history?

Click the "Safari" drop-down menu, select "Preferences" and click the "General" tab. Choose the "Remove History Items" drop-down menu and choose a time interval to automatically delete your history. Options exist to automatically delete data each day, week, every two weeks, monthly, yearly or manually. Open Safari, click the "Safari" drop-down menu and select "Reset Safari. Resetting Safari essentially restores Safari to its default settings, erasing all your modifications in the process.

Check each of the available options on the Reset Safari page.