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Docker for Mac is the latest offering for Mac which runs as a native OS X Basically, you can use Docker for Mac and Docker Toolbox together on the same .

There are a couple of ways to watch live TV on your Mac — one of which is to use a dedicated hardware-based TV tuner which plugs into your computer and receives digital broadcast TV over the air. Some of them also have coaxial or other inputs so you can hook them up to an external aerial or satellite feed at home.

Mini DVB-T TV Tuner (IT9135FN) in Sofia [BG Comment]

The tuner itself is a compact size that fits into a spare USB slot on your Mac, and the other end has a full-sized coaxial socket to connect to your TV aerial feed. It also comes with the EyeTV software, which contains a program guide and can also record programmes to disk for later viewing. Rather than simply plugging into your Mac to provide live TV on just one machine, the Netstream box plugs directly into your antenna to receive the TV signal, but can also transmit the programmes wirelessly to other machines using your router.

iPhone TV Tuners for North America

Additionally, it has a dual tuner so that two people can watch different programmes at the same time. However, if necessary you can use the included adaptor to connect any type of aerial such as a powered one or a rooftop model. It also comes with the excellent EyeTV software which lets you view programme guides with a subscription and record live TV. Despite being a couple of years old now and a little hard to find , the Hybrid Volar M has a compact design that can be easily transported around, and the rather good AVerTV player which sports a refined and easy to use interface it even works with the Apple remote.

There are a few novel features too, such as live picture-in-picture so that you can watch two TV shows at once, as well as an EPG and live recording.

Best DVB T2 Freeview HD Tuner To Watch Freeview On Laptop

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iPhone TV Tuner for North America | Watch TV on iPhone

Elgato are the only providers of Mac TV Tuner software. There are several hardware providers which are all listed on Elgato's Web Site. Which model you choose depends on what source you get your TV signal. User profile for user: Casper Marley Casper Marley. I would not get anything without hardware compression unless watching TV in a window is you only goal, though.

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