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Docker for Mac is the latest offering for Mac which runs as a native OS X Basically, you can use Docker for Mac and Docker Toolbox together on the same .

For the record this is what must be done under "Access Privileges This is the password that must be supplied when connecting. If you are using I need a way to assign display numbers to several Macs on one network. I'm using Vine Server on each one now.

Any thoughts? Assuming that you're referring to accessing multiple machines behind the same router, I would do it at the router. The default port for VNC is , and this is display 0. Display 1 is port , and so on.

You can use your router's port forwarding feature to map its external port to port of machine 1, external port to port of machine 2, and etc. I haven't noticed an option for display numbers in the screen sharing client it will, however, work seamlessly with them if it sees them advertised over bonjour , but you can just append the port numbers for this too. For instance, if your router's external address was Nor can I find the screen sharing.

Any helpful pointers here?? Authored by: zo on Jun 03, '08 PM Yeah, you do. Your computer wouldn't be running without it. I understand that Apple probably did this to prevent naive users from confusing themselves by connecting to their own systems. However, it's a pain for those who need to connect to localhost for ssh-tunneling.

Here's a temporary way to eliminate this restriction: From the terminal: defaults write com. I initiate the tunnel ssh -L localhost server then in the screen sharing app I use a host address of localhost it works without the need of doing anything else. - Best VNC Client for MacOS X or how to remote control a computer!

I have my home firewall passing thru calls to VineServer via a different port than the standard At home, on the home network, finder see's my Vineserver machine and connects right to it with screen sharing, I'm assuming its seeing it via bonjour since I don't have Remote Apple Connections turned on At work, tried to run the screen sharing app to connect to tiger machine, it doesn't even connect to the box.

I'm using the inbuilt vnc server in Leopard and when I try connecting via vnc client from any other pc on the lan, it fails. Authentication seems to work ok on the pc viewer I get prompted just for a password by the mac and the pc tries to display the remote mac screen but then just disappears. I've tried it from different pc's and with different vnc viewer versions.

Do i need to set the display on the mac other than zero? Any ideas? It looks like that only works if you have a full size keyboard with a "del" key. Okay, it does work from a laptop. You have to include the function key. Making a total of 5 keys. I needed a way to open Screen Sharing to a specific host in shell, after creating an ssh tunnel. This seems to be possible with an AppleScript application:. I guess you could tell "Screen Sharing" also, I haven't tested.

Anyways, this was one of the steps in one-click-ssh-secured screen sharing if you're interested. I have already set up my OS X Leopard Server many miles away and did not set up screen sharing in system preferences. I do have SSH set up. How can I turn on screen sharing remotely? Perhaps I have to edit a plist?

Waking Screen Saver via VNC in Mac OS X

Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. OS X Luckily, the Screen Sharing program is able to run independently, and will ask for the IP to control upon launch.

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  5. VNC® Connect consists of VNC® Server and VNC® Viewer.
  6. A VNC server is included in Mac OS X 10.4+.

The application is fairly well hidden which is what makes this a hint! I suggest making a dock shortcut to it. Screen Sharing will launch and prompt you for a password. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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This site is not responsible for what they say. I have my computer IP address mapped to and dynamically updated to an internet "http" address so that I don't have to remember my dynamically changing IP address dumb cable company. What password does it ask for? Authored by: Westacular on Oct 25, '07 AM. Authored by: displaced on Oct 25, '07 PM. Looking forward to 6pm tomorrow : [ Reply to This ]. Mac Remote Control by LegacyPoster. Unable to remote-control Mac by khomstead. Remote Control from a Mac by LegacyPoster.

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How to do remote control on Mac by LegacyPoster. I have an agent deployed to a Mac I want to know if there is a way to remote control the machine. You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Step 1 Replace all Mac's with PCs. Step 4 Profit! Actually, I don't know how you'd accomplish this but I'd be keen to know how it turns out as it sounds like a few of our clients are looking at getting a mac or two.

What is configd on the client mac machines? Is Apple Remote Desktop enabled? Spector Pro Mac goes beyond the original Spector for Mac by including many of the features of Spector Pro for Windows, including:. Some feature highlights of Vine Viewer include:. Vine 3. Pricing varies depending upon the number of licenses.

See the licensing page for a quote. WeatherDock is perhaps the most elegant and feature-filled Mac freeware weather application, and it's my current choice as a Drew's Pick in the Mac weather application genre. Working with data from Weather. Beyond its namesake functionality, however, the software provides an incredible variety of additional useful features, including a menubar weather status display that includes very nicely formatted weather forecasts something that the authors of Meteorologist and WeatherPop should take note of ; an optional "desktop" icon that can provide an enlarged view of the dock icon; and customizable spoken weather alerts.

The icing on the cake is that each of these items can be customized to a surprising degree.

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Frankly, about the only thing WeatherDock is missing is the ability to simultaneously display weather from more than one city at a time; however, it's quite easy to switch among a group of favorites. For those of you in Panther, without widgets, its the quickest way to instantly get a detailed weather report, and can be configured pretty much they way you want it.

And even in Tiger, it gives more info than the widget one you get with the OS. Definitely worth trying out, and you'll find yourself using it quite often. Cons: Sometimes on my machine in Panther it failed to clean up its window footprint after quitting, leaving a big white blank outline on the screen after clicking out and clicking again on my main menu window.

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Clicking on the white footprint would bring it back alive and then quitting it again would solve the problem, and it doesn't happen that frequently. It's the only bug I ever experienced with the program. As Aladdin stopped all development on WeatherTracker and no true replacement seems to be in sight, the Mac community is left with a dearth of decent weather applications. Some of them listed on this page are good, but don't support weather forecasts , choosing instead to focus on current weather conditions. Others have, well, other limitations. WeatherMan is the first program to come along that really shows promise as a replacement for WeatherTracker; WeatherMan will show you current weather conditions as well as forecasts, and it will allow you to display information for multiple cities at once.

WeatherMan also displays 2 day forecasts and 5-day extended forecasts, sever weather alerts and radar imagery. Registered copies of the application keep preference settings between application launches. I'd like to see the "main" window sizes reduced a bit more so that one can display more than 4 cities at a time on a x display, but the author keeps making this software better and better between each release, so stay tuned for further improvements.

The graphics are nice, and for anyone who is a bit of a weather nerd, this may prove to be the perfect software download. WeatherMenu formerly an "extra" in the WeatherMan product line, above , is a handy weather utility - similar to Meteorologist and Weather Pop - that puts current weather information for one or more cities in your OS X menu bar.

WebPrint Plus is very similar to Net-Print, above. It allows you to print out needed portions of Web pages - and other documents - rather than the entire document, saving paper and time.

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